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US-9409566-B2: Hybrid vehicle and associated control method patent, US-9423966-B2: Computer system, storage management computer, and storage management method patent, US-9484640-B2: Wire with a crimp terminal with a bottom plate with an inclined portion and a raised portion patent, US-9502085-B2: Memory buffers and modules supporting dynamic point-to-point connections patent, US-9557326-B2: Sample analyzing device and sample analyzing method patent, US-9563515-B2: Data backup or restore using main memory and non-volatile storage media patent, US-9563838-B2: Loop antenna and radio frequency tag patent, US-9595751-B2: Electronic device patent, US-9597697-B2: Apparatus for the coating of a substrate patent, US-9616679-B2: Method and system for emitting offset illumination for reduced stray light patent, US-9638575-B2: Measuring apparatus, measuring system, and measuring method patent, US-9681997-B2: Dual-function fastening member fold configuration for disposable diapers patent, US-9725000-B2: System and method for monitoring remote battery charging patent, US-9744611-B2: Solder recovery unit patent, US-9751538-B2: Sound absorbing panel patent, US-9759769-B2: Rechargeable power module and test system including the same patent, US-9769339-B2: Image forming apparatus and image forming method patent, US-9790832-B2: Exhaust gas purification device patent, US-9790900-B2: Air cleaner structure for blocking inflowing of debris and operation method thereof patent, US-9802186-B2: Reactor for homogeneous regeneration of spent ionic liquid patent, US-9821714-B2: Light assembly patent, US-9870233-B2: Initializing a memory subsystem of a management controller patent, US-9876516-B2: Suppression of interference in power and communications signals patent, US-9880312-B2: Intelligent spectral induced polarization measurement module patent, US-8582377-B2: Redundant memory array for replacing memory sections of main memory patent, US-8585321-B2: Flow control system for a detention pond patent, US-8599831-B2: Method for establishing a session between a caller and a callee patent, US-8617722-B2: Polymer compound and organic electroluminescence element using the same patent, US-8620489-B2: Robotic drive system modularity patent, US-8625788-B2: Method and apparatus for building a hardware root of trust and providing protected content processing within an open computing platform patent, US-8641524-B2: Game apparatus, storage medium storing game program and game controlling method patent, US-8644798-B2: Method and apparatus for separable voice billing for business and personal airtime use patent, US-8676623-B2: Building directory aided navigation patent, US-8701581-B2: System and method for thruster protection during transport patent, US-8708738-B1: Cable connector patent, US-8765481-B2: Method for detecting peroxide explosives patent, US-8833836-B2: Tunable water deflector patent, US-8869098-B2: Computer method and apparatus for providing model to model transformation using an MDA approach patent, US-8889870-B2: Kinase inhibitors patent, US-8919809-B2: Child stroller and stroller frame thereof patent, US-8971407-B2: Detection of skip mode patent, US-9065135-B2: Cathode active material for secondary battery and lithium secondary battery including the same patent, US-9078737-B2: Brace patent, US-9105767-B2: Negatively charged layer to reduce image memory effect patent, US-9115298-B2: Strippable adhesion composition and uses thereof patent, US-9119157-B2: Power saving modes in wireless devices patent, US-9120716-B2: Process for the preparation of 2,3,3,3 tetrafluoropropene patent, US-9144662-B2: Boosting catheter and related systems and methods patent, US-9185782-B2: Light controller with locked split handle patent, US-9194686-B2: Compact 3D direction finder patent, US-9207841-B2: Online video distribution patent, US-9223188-B2: Focal plane shuttering apparatus and image capture device patent, US-9260493-B2: Transducible delivery of nucleic acids using modified dsRNA binding domains patent, US-9271416-B2: Canopy for portable electrical device patent, US-9273714-B2: System and method of installing and removing a temporary concrete barrier from a bridge deck patent, US-9313194-B2: Verification of configuration using an encoded visual representation patent, US-9313891-B2: Slot-mounted printed circuit board having small insertion force patent, US-9316873-B2: Liquid crystal display patent, US-9337470-B2: Method and apparatus for in-situ drying investigation and optimization of slurry drying methodology patent, US-9352186-B2: Treadmill with selectively engageable deck stiffening mechanism patent, US-2007217872-A1: Method for Removal of Material Mined Underground and Device for Carrying Out Said Method patent, US-9354412-B2: Optical interconnect fabrics and optical switches patent, US-9369174-B2: Differentiator based spread spectrum modulator patent, US-9370734-B2: Fluid degassing module with helical membrane patent, US-9399336-B2: Gas barrier substrate patent, US-9462677-B2: Minimizing crosstalk in a data transfer device patent, US-9478601-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-9485999-B2: Sea cucumber processing apparatus and method patent, US-9487454-B2: Gas generating composition patent, US-9490203-B2: Capacitor in post-passivation structures and methods of forming the same patent, US-9550157-B2: Single-use mixing and bioreactor systems patent, US-9561490-B2: Method for manufacturing titania coated alumina fiber aggregate patent, US-9567856-B2: Apparatus for extracting energy from a fluid flow patent, US-9570956-B2: Planetary, push-pull electromagnetic motor patent, US-9581426-B2: Magnetic field measuring device patent, US-9582436-B2: Apparatus and method for copying rules between devices patent, US-9622182-B2: Embedded computing device patent, US-9627056-B2: Resistive memory device and memory system including resistive memory device patent, US-9638198-B2: Shaftless turbocharger patent, US-9655869-B2: Estrogen antagonists as treatments for sclerosing disorders patent, US-9659693-B2: Grain-oriented electrical steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-9665688-B2: Product dispensing system and method with redundant container induction patent, US-9683165-B2: Gas diverter for well and reservoir stimulation patent, US-9719380-B2: Power generation using non-aqueous solvent patent, US-9747013-B2: Predictive caching and fetch priority patent, US-9768217-B2: Solid-state image sensing device and camera with asymetric microlenses patent, US-9821465-B2: Enhanced environment simulator for proxy robot handlers patent, US-9835390-B2: Unitary graphene material-based integrated finned heat sink patent, US-9859596-B2: Repeatedly chargeable and dischargeable quantum battery patent, US-9880944-B2: Page replacement algorithms for use with solid-state drives patent, US-8573892-B2: Method of providing a support column patent, US-8588541-B2: Method and device for image deblurring using joint bilateral filtering patent, US-8597003-B2: Direct control variable displacement vane pump patent, US-8601376-B2: Virtual wiring patent, US-8608457-B2: Device with a drum with a drive motor mounted therein patent, US-8625098-B2: System and method for real-time measurement of equivalence ratio of gas fuel mixture patent, US-8647208-B2: Method for managing IP addresses in a network gaming environment patent, US-8686398-B2: Semiconductor light emitting device patent, US-8693849-B2: Source optimized dynamic trickplay patent, US-8725143-B2: Methods and systems for handover in WiMAX networks patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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